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Hey everyone,
So it's 2006 already.This year passed by so quick....well,for me.
I havent wrote in here,since i don't know when,but,wat i do know it's been along time,lol.
For New Years i juss stayed home and hung out with my sister (van).It was purdy fun.I thought everything was funny,idk why,haha.
Well,right now me and my lil sister (Psycho Freak) lol,are listening to music and laughing.....you don't want to know at wat,lmao.
We're getting introuble cause we're being loud,and my mom and her husband....(Psycho Freak's) dad..are watching a movie.We're so freakin loud they can't hear the t.v.,lol oop's.
Well anyway's yeah.
Tomorrow i have to wake-up early,cause my mom is taking me to go shopping.....i think at the Mall,i want to go into Hot Topic!!!
But,idk i might juss go to some clothing store...i want to buy me some clothes...duh i guess.
I juss tried smacking Psycho Freak in the mouth,and i tipped her tooth,lol not chipped.....tipped,lmao.
On New Years day i went out to eat at a place called Denny's...i ate bacon,and french toast...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,haha.
Well,i better stop now...But wait there's more...but i can't sit here and finish it all cause,my lil sister (Christine).

P.S.(Are you gettin this Ah huh?.....Ah huh)
(Be back later mom)
(Boy Porky you sure know how to make a s-a-n-d-w-h-i-c-h,....that's not sand,that's kitty litter.....and mighty fresh too)
(This taste like it came from a old boot....actually it's a sneaker) (You sure know how to take a girl's breath away)
(You melt me like a popsical,on the fourth of July)

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Hey everyone,
Well,i'm finally updating my lj,it's about time.
Right now i'm just listening to music and i have a bad stomache since yesterday,and it's freezing.But oh'well,i'll live.
Nothing really interesting has happened.I went to California awhile back,lol for my Uncle's 50th birthday,and when we got home the day after,i think we celebrated my other uncle's birthday,there not twin's,but the were born on the same day.
It was pretty fun,i can say.
You know what happened Van,and Jason,lol something we are regreting at this point,lol.
It's been cold here,but it's fine,it's good weather,lol.
It's almost Halloween already,dang.I don't know what i'm going to do though.
I don't know if i'm going to dress-up or anything.I think we are celebrating my lil bro's birthday on Halloween,cause it's the day after Halloween,lol so yeah.
I wish something interesting will happen,everything is so plain,so blame.
Well,in California i visited my uncle and aunt,and my cousin's,it was kewl.
I also visited my grandpa,and seen everything that was my grandma'a.
I also wish that she was still here (RIP)grandma,we all miss you,your in a better place now :).
My other aunt,and my uncle and my other aunt,lol came back with us.......oh' also my other uncle came,lol.
Right now,my mom and step dad,and my uncle and aunt are going to the down town strip,so i have to watch lil bratz,lol.
Hmmmmmmmm,i don't know what else to say.
Oh,i'm going to use code for this,lol.
Butthead is acting like a butthead,she even pretty much told off my mom,and brother.
Butthead better not tell me anything,cause oh,will i go off on her,lol.
But yeah,that's pretty much it.........i think,lol.
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If you had me alone locked up in your room for 24 hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to, what would you do with me? Tell me using anonymous because it's a secret, then repost this on your livejournal. You might be surprised in the reponses you'll get. They could make you laugh, smile, or even cry! Don't forget to leave a hint to who you are...........

Lol,ok this is not my update,it's just something,lol.
I'm going to update my lj,when i get back from Cali.

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Hawthorne heights
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I haven't wrote in here in awhile,so i guess i better.
Well,this is what i did,and where i went,(sigh).
I went to the lake,it was pretty kewl,and on friday my sister,and my cousin,and me were supossed to go to a game at my cousin's school,but we missed about half of it so we didn't go to it,but my step dad's soccer game was on the same day so all three of us went to his soocer game.
We were hardly even there,cause we ended up walking to Taco Bell, for fun,lol.
This was like at 10:20 pm.
Then we stayed there until it ended,and my mom and step dad dropped us off at my cousin's house.The next morning we woke up and like about 5 min's after awaking we went and took a walk bareoot,lol that was kewl,we were telling people "good morning".
But when we got back we found out that my mom had called and she was on her way to pick us up,we tryed calling her back at different phone's,but noone answered,but like 4 min's later she pulled up,lol and that sucked.
But today was pretty tireing.
My mom woke me up like at 7:00 am,and i had to get dressed and take my lil sis to school,then i came back home ate something,and did what i had to do,but by then it was almost time to pick her up,so i went and picked her up.
After that i came home cleaned,then cooked dinner for everyone.
Then i finally got my time and watched half a movie,yay!!!,lol.
Now i'm here,(sigh).
And all that happened cause,my mom went to work today.
I hope it was just for one day though,lol.
Cause that would mean,i would have to do all that everyday,plus add my lil bro that goes to school,i just didn't have to deal with him today,cause he was sick.
But yeah,i better shut up now.
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My bird's whistleing,lol.
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Hey everyone,
Well,i had to make a new one,cause i didn't like my username.
I'm weird you can say,but that's me,lol.
Anyway's i'm soooo bored,there's nothing to do,right now,i'm watching my lil bro and sis,my lil bro's playing the guitar,and my lil sis is coloring,there being good though,lol.
Today i basicly,picked up my lil sis from school,then my lil bro after,then i kind of decided to be lazy,lol,though's who know me well,you know who you are,lol,and i still am,sort of,lol.
Well,i better go,cause i need to do other thing's now.
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Listening to my lil bro play the guitar
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